Action Alert: Support TCEQ Pristine Streams Petition

The Watershed Association has long worked to protect our springs, streams, and rivers and lends its strong support for the TCEQ Pristine Streams Petition. Only 22 classified stream segments remain clean, clear, and pristine–Cypress Creek, the Blanco River, Barton Creek, and Onion Creek are among them. Hill Country creeks and rivers are low-nutrient environments and even highly treated domestic wastewater effluent carries levels of phosphorous and other nutrients that far exceed the natural levels found in these 22 Texas stream segments. The proposed rule will prohibit wastewater discharge into these streams where the addition of phosphorus will degrade water quality.

We join many others in support of this rule change.  Here are examples of Letters of Support and Resolutions submitted:

This rule is a fair, balanced and necessary action to protect the last pristine streams in Texas.  Please, join us and voice your support for the Petition by submitting a public comment to TCEQ.  Here are the details:

TCEQ Petition for Rulemaking – Pristine Streams (pdf)

Link to Submit Your Comments to TCEQ here

This rule change will help protect streams across Texas in 28 counties.


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