2024 Newsletters

The Watershed Association and Trinity Edwards Springs Protection Association – Aqua Texas Meeting Recap

Aqua Texas Sues Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District

2023 Newsletters

2023 Year-End Letter

Preserving Jacob’s Well: Examining the Texas Hill Country Water Crisis

2023 Summer Program Update

2022 Newsletters

December Watershed News
Land conservation, watershed protection, science, education, and Art4Water updates

2022 Winter Program Update

November Watershed News
Upcoming Art4Water Benefits, Life of H2O at TreeGarden, Final 2022 Cypress Creek and Blanco River Bacteria Results, Severe Rainfall Deficit for Wimberley Valley, Jacobs Well Spring Flow Monitoring During Severe Drought, About the Jacob’s Well Multiport Monitor Well, David Baker Honored with Heart of the Hill Country Award, Pristine Streams Protections, In the News, Upcoming Events

August Watershed News
What Does Drought Recovery Look Like?, Drought, Groundwater Pumping, and Conservation, Trinity Aquifer Water Level Changes, TCEQ Pristine Streams Stakeholder Meeting, Texas Springs Poster Exhibit Until the End of August, Texas Brewshed Alliance Coordinator Job Opening, In the News, Upcoming Events

June Watershed News
Topics: Drought Is Back in Full Force, The Watershed Association – New Logo and Brochure, Support the Arts for Water, Tribute to Sky Lewey, GBRA Planning for a Habitat Conservation Plan, Removing the Mystery of Groundwater, Bacteria Sampling: Cypress Creek and Blanco River, Hill Country Land, Water & Natural Infrastructure Plan, Relaunch of the Texas Brewshed Alliance, Now Hiring!

May Watershed News
Topics:  Raising Groundwater Awareness through ART, Art4Water Launch Party, We’re All in this Drought Together, Cypress Creek and Blanco River Clean Rivers Monitoring, Texas Highways: State of the Hill Country Article, Removing the Mystery of Groundwater, Now Hiring!

April Earth Day Watershed News
Topics:  Happy Earth Day, Hays County Sentinel Peak Preserve Purchase, Art4Water Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition Events and Activities, Art4Water Launch Party, Rethinking Our Relationship with Hill Country Water, Remembering Marilee Wood, Wimberley’s Night Skies and the Local Stars that Love Them, and Partner Organizations’ Upcoming Events

April Watershed News
Topics:  Busy Times in Our Watershed, Art4Water Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition Opens May 7, Trinity Aquifer Desired Future Conditions, Two New Monitor Wells in the Jacobs Well GMZ, Blanco Water Reclamation Task Force Update, TCEQ Pristine Streams Rulemaking Denied, Bacteria Sampling of Cypress Creek and the Blanco River, Drought Conditions Return, Upcoming Events and Recent Articles

Action Alert: Pristine Streams Petition
Topics: Pristine Streams petition background, How to submit a comment to TCEQ, Landmark City of Blanco Transition decision to No Discharge, State of the Hill Country Report.

February Watershed News
Topics: Connecting for Water Conservation, Tribute to Joe Day (in memorium), Three-month dry spell ends with icy precipitation, Art4Water Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition Art Submissions, Groundwater and Surface Water 3D Animation, Trinity Aquifers Scientific Report Available, Feral Hog Management to Include Bounty Program in Hays, Upcoming News and Recent Articles.

2021 Newsletters

Year-end Letter
2021 Reflections and Accomplishments in Land, Water, and Connection program areas.

November Watershed News
Topics: Thanks for Giving, 74-acre Dry Cypress Tract Purchase for Recharge Protection, Blanco Task Force Recommends Land Application over Discharge, Texas Innovation Corridor Future Development Project, Rain, Spring Flow and Groundwater, Final Results for Ecoli Bacteria Sampling of Cypress Creek and Blanco River, Water Protectors Fund, News Spotlights and Recent Reports

September Watershed News
Topics: Science Rocks from Robin Gary, Results from Well Visits – Trinity Aquifers, Diving Deep into Karst Webinar, Water Protectors Fund, Water Levels and Spring Flow on the Decline (again), Swim Season Ends Sept. 30, Bacteria Sampling – Sept Results, USFWS Proposed Freshwater Mussel Listing, Event Spotlights, Podcasts, Upcoming Events

July Watershed News
Topics: Mid-Year Reflections from David Baker, Deep in the Karst of Texas Education Campaign, Sacred Springs Kite Exhibit Call for Artists, the Future for the Trinity Aquifers, Summer Neighborhood Site Visits, Spring flow increased, Groundwater levels still low, Mini-BioBlitz at Colemans Canyon, In the Media, Upcoming Events

May Watershed News
Topics:  Recharge! Sacred Springs Kite Exhibit Call for Artists, Recharge to Discharge Karst Tour, Greenfielding Progress at Coleman’s Canyon Preserve, Pristine Waters Bill, Texas Groundwater Shrinking (Op-Ed), Bacteria Monitoring – Cypress Creek and Blanco River, Treefolks Floodplain Reforestation Program, Upcoming Events

April Watershed News
Topics: Earth Day, Greenfielding at Coleman’s Canyon Preserve, Salamander Surveys at Rebecca Springs, New Species’ Name Honors David Baker, Texas House Backs Green Infrastructure, Bacteria Monitoring – Cypress Creek and Blanco River, Lowest Groundwater Level Recorded in Mt. Baldy

Blanco MUDs Community Meeting and Task Force Updates

Amplify Wimberley Watershed
Donate now through March 4th to amplify our impact.  The WVWA relies on donor support to inform policies, inspire innovation, and monitor and educate.

February Watershed News
Topics: low flow Jacob’s Well, Hays Co Transportation Plan public input due, agencies behind Jacob’s Well Flow Monitoring, TESPA Press Release: EP Ends Contested Case,  Blanco Water Engineering RFQ, Artesiana podcast #3 – Joe Day, Alex S. Broun Honored by HTGCD, Upcoming Events & more.

2020 Newsletters

Year-end Letter from David Baker, WVWA Executive Director
Topics:  2020 Accomplishments

October 2020 Watershed News Updates
Topics: Vote Yes on Prop A, Dripping Springs’ Direct Discharge Permit Reversed, Hydro Report and Drought Declarations, Site-Harvested Water Supply Online at Blue Hole Primary, Hill Country Sewage Scorecard Report, Upcoming Events

October 2020 Watershed News
Topics: Vote Yes on Prop A, Hays Co. Transportation Plan Update Comments Due, Cypress Creek Nature Preserve – Riparian Access Done Right, “Pristine to Polluted”: Preview SBCA’s Impending Report, Upcoming Events

Topics: Blanco Council Approves No-Discharge Task Force | TWDB Rain Catcher Award September Hydro Report | Coleman’s Canyon: Protecting Groundwater  | Hays Trinity GCD Expands Drought Curtailments | Upcoming Events

August 2020 Watershed News – Important Updates
Topics: Action Needed: Hays Co. Parks and Open Spaces | Permian Highway Pipeline Video | Blanco River Healing | Hays Trinity GCD declares drought for Jacob’s Well GMZ

August 2020 Watershed News
Topics: Hays Co. Parks and Open Spaces Recommendations | Blanco River Healing | Hays Trinity GCD declares drought for Jacob’s Well GMZ | When It Rains, Texas Forgets Drought and Water Shortages

August 2020 Water Events Reminder

July 2020 Watershed News

June 2020 Watershed News

May 2020 Action Alert: Kinder Morgan Pipeline

April 2020 Watershed News

March 2020 Watershed News

January 2020 Watershed News

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*A special thank you to Jason Merlo for his photograph of Honey Creek.
See more of his work at jasonmerlo.com

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