Making Impacts that Benefit the Community

The Watershed Association’s vision is for a future with clean, plentiful water flowing from Jacob’s Well into Cypress Creek, a healthy ecosystem essential to the culture and economy of the Wimberley Valley. Over the past two decades, our broader mission has emerged to include fostering community awareness of the watershed and the community’s responsibility to its watershed in the Wimberley Valley, across the Hill Country region, and throughout the state of Texas. At the heart of what we do is working to engage communities and provide experiences that reconnect people with nature. This principle runs throughout our six impact areas, which support implementing education, land conservation, and water policies to ensure water quality and availability for generations to come.

Although the six impact areas overlap and strengthen one another, much of our work in the first three impact areas focuses on protecting the natural resources and ecosystems, while the latter three focus more on people and relationships whether among partner organizations or between individuals and special places in nature like Jacob’s Well. The land, water, and wildlife may be the initial beneficiaries, but it is the communities who ultimately benefit from these efforts and ensure that they will be successful far into the future. Scientific study underpins watershed protection, environmental planning, and the policies for which we advocate. It also empowers others to practice responsible stewardship and champion the implementation of sound water policies to achieve our core vision. Clean, plentiful water is the lifeblood of every community from which all other benefits flow.