The Jacob’s Well Community Garden is located on The Watershed Association’s property on Logans Run in Woodcreek North. The former condo tennis court provides an affordable way for local gardeners to grow healthy, organic produce while giving back to the community at large. The space features 30 garden beds, 3 of which are devoted to growing food for donation to Wimberley Crisis Breadbasket. The gardeners rely as much as possible on rainwater collected in four cisterns.  For more information about the Community Garden, events, and bed availability, email the JWCG Co-Chairs.

Michael Gatto is coordinating an expansion project that would create additional garden beds, remove the impervious cover, increase the rainwater storage capacity, and build a  community space to better share the beauty and bounty of the garden.  View the Jacob’s Well Community Garden Expansion Project presentation for his Gaia Course to find out more.

The Watershed Association’s weather station is a useful reference for residents and gardeners.

    1. Visit (bookmark for future reference):
    2. Click the blue weather station icon in the upper right
    3. Click the Rain section to access the graph
    4. Use the Plus and minus buttons to change the date range.

Additional information about other area weather stations, monitor wells, spring flow gauges, and monthly Hydro Reports can be found on The Watershed Watershed Association’s Water Monitoring page.