What is the Cypress Creek Watershed Protection Plan?

The Cypress Creek Watershed Protection Plan (CCWPP) is a collaborative approach involving the cities, county, civic organizations, and citizens of the Wimberley Valley in the conservation and preservation of Cypress Creek. The community-led and EPA accepted Watershed Protection Plan is an important tool used to help guide efforts to effectively manage the Cypress Creek Watershed by utilizing Best Management Practices (BMPs) designed to mitigate non-point source pollution, anticipate future water quality impairments, and protect groundwater resources.

What is WVWA’s Role in the CCWPP?

WVWA continues to serve on the executive committee and is partnering with the Meadow’s Center for Water and the Environment (MCWE) to support CCWPP education and outreach activities. WVWA contributes to newsletter and website content, rain garden and rainwater harvesting resource guides, and educational signage that provides the community with best practices, backed by scientific data, for protecting our water.

Resources for CCWPP

Selected Publications