Hays County Reconstitutes the Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee

Recently, the Hays County Commissioners voted to reconstitute the Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee (POSAC) to help evaluate projects and allocate the $75 million bond funding approved through Prop A in November’s election.

POSAC Presentation made to Commissioners Court on July 28, 2020

Through last year’s POSAC process, the Committee reviewed and ranked 18 projects designed to increase access to nature, better protect water resources, and improve habitat.

At the January 26th Commissioner’s Court meeting, the Commissioners approved reconstituting a 7-member POSAC with one member per Commissioner/Judge and two additional “at-large, highly respected members” selected with the help of chair Scott Way.

The current POSAC members and their appointing Court members are:

    • Blanca Loya, appointed by Comm. Ingalsbe
    • Kathryn Nichols, appointed by Comm. Jones
    • Scott Way, appointed by Comm. Shell
    • Scott Tomhave, appointed by Comm. Smith
    • Lisa Prewitt, appointed by Judge Becerra
    • Lori Olson, appointed by Judge Becerra, at-large, nominated by Shell
    • Carolyn Gonzales, appointed by Comm. Ingalsbe, at-large, nominated by Judge Becerra

Commissioners previously discussed hiring a bond manager via RFQ toward first bond sales in spring. The bond manager also will be expected to facilitate POSAC activities with heavy staff support.  Commissioner Shell noted that Alexandra Thompson has been handling POSAC administration, and indicated that the Court would get the bond RFQ going within the next month.

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