Drought Conditions Return

April 2022 Hydro Report Middle Trinity spring flow in the Blanco River basin has been generally on the decline since November 2021, with only a small recharge event at the end of February.  Drought conditions have returned.  Jacob’s Well spring, and therefore Cypress Creek, is fluctuating between 2 and 3 cubic feet per second (cfs).  … Continue reading Drought Conditions Return

2021 March Hydro Report

On March 23, the Wimberley area received almost 1 inch of rainfall.  This will help add moisture to very dry soils, but it will do little to generate recharge to the rivers and aquifers.  Flow at Jacob’s Well is very low–consistently below 2 cubic feet per second, and water levels in HTGCD monitor wells are … Continue reading 2021 March Hydro Report

2020 December Hydro Report

The EAA weather station near Burnett Ranches measured 1 inch of rain at the end of November.  With dry conditions, the rainfall was absorbed by exceptionally dry soils.  Even the six inches of rain in early September did little to boost groundwater storage for the long term. This late in the dry season, it will … Continue reading 2020 December Hydro Report