Press Release: Art4Water Spotlights Eight Great Texas Springs

AUSTIN, TEXAS- July 19, 2022 – In partnership with the Austin Central Library, the Watershed Association has created a poster exhibit highlighting eight great Texas springs. The exhibit, located on the 6th floor gallery, features posters illustrating the beauty, significance and challenges for each spring. The poster exhibit deepens the discussion of the springs initiated by the Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition with posters focused on each of the eight featured Sacred Springs: San Solomon, Comanche, the Blue Hole, Comal, San Marcos, Barton, Krause, and Jacob’s Well Springs. The poster series, on display now through the end of August 2022, compliments the art kites of the Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition and serves to further educate and inspire visitors.

“Central Texas is in the midst of what could be a historic drought. Paying attention to our springs is more important than ever. Springs show us the health of the groundwater source that supplies them, which is often a critical water supply for the surrounding community, too. Protecting springs means safeguarding our water supplies, rivers, wildlife, economies, and favorite swimming holes,” explains Robin Gary, Watershed Association Managing Director and the driving force behind the poster series.

The Sacred Springs Poster Exhibit is displayed in the Austin Central Library 6th Floor Gallery through the end of August 2022. Photo by Robin Gary, the Watershed Association.

John Mata created artwork for each of the eight featured springs that expresses the unique character of each of the springs. The poster series describes the springs, discusses challenges to water quality and groundwater storage that supports healthy spring flow, celebrates protections such as habitat restoration and coordinated groundwater management, and provides guidance for public access.

The Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition is the inaugural program of Art4Water, an initiative to advocate for environmental protection through the lens of art. The exhibition is a collaboration between the Watershed Association and Terry Lee Zee, uniting the art community with conservation advocates, environmental organizations, and business and technology partners.

To learn more about the poster series and the Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition, please visit:

The Sacred Springs Kite Exhibition will be on display at the Austin Central Library (710 W. César Chávez St, 78701) through November 30. The featured springs poster series will be on display from July 15 through August 30, 2022.

Press contact: Robin Gary,, 512-569-5659.

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About the Watershed Association
Art4Water is a program of the Watershed Association, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization created in December 1996 to protect and preserve clean flowing water in Jacob’s Well, Cypress Creek and address the critical water issues in the region. The association works to create a greater understanding of the many benefits that flow from a respectful relationship with the land and water. By bringing awareness to the relationship between the natural environment and people, the organization seeks to create partnerships and enlarge the impact of conservation, carrying it beyond the measure of acres and dollars to the measure of social and individual well-being.