Watershed Association Purchases 74 acres of Dry Cypress for Recharge Protection

Wimberley Valley Watershed Association

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WIMBERLEY, TX    The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association (WVWA) finalized the purchase of 74 acres adjacent to the Colemans Canyon Preserve on Wednesday, November 10, 2021.  This purchase secures critical recharge area for the Middle Trinity Aquifer and is within the catchment area for Jacob’s Well. 

“It has been a long-term plan of ours to expand conservation lands above Jacob’s Well,” explains David Baker, Founder and Executive Director of the WVWA. “With strong support from Hays County, our donors, members, partners and the community, we’ve been able to conserve an additional 250 acres of critical habitat that will immediately help protect wildlife and enhance  recharge to the Middle Trinity Aquifer, our community’s water supply, and protect flow at Jacob’s Well and in Cypress Creek.”

Location of the Dry Cypress Tract in relation to other conserved lands.

The Jacob’s Well Natural Area, Colemans Canyon Preserve, and now the Dry Cypress tract protect nearly 2 miles of Dry Cypress Creek and 250 acres of critical recharge zone.  Lower Glen Rose Limestone—the top layer of the Middle Trinity Aquifer—is exposed at the surface and is easily dissolved forming karst features like caves, sinkholes.  Karst features along the creek and in the uplands provide a direct link to the groundwater system below.

This land conservation effort offers significant environmental benefits that include protecting sensitive recharge caves and karst features, improving the quality and quantity of groundwater recharge vital to keeping Jacob’s Well and Cypress Creek flowing, preserving high-quality critical wildlife habitat, and could lessen flooding potential through strategically located green infrastructure projects. Limiting development through land conservation in the recharge area for Jacob’s Well spring benefits all Hays County residents and visitors.  

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David Baker, WVWA Executive Director, davidbaker@wimberleywatershed.org
Robin Gary, WVWA Managing Director, robingary@wimberleywatershed.org