One Water Components Explained by Blue Hole Primary Second Grade Students

WVWA is one of many proud partners of the One Water Project and we have been helping facilitate the implementation and case study of Wimberley’s One Water School—Blue Hole Primary.  Check out the youtube video of how Second Graders explain Blue Hole Primary’s one water components!

The video covers:

    1. Site-harvested supply tank
    2. Firefighter supply tank
    3. Gutters, front water tank
    4. Purple pipe
    5. Plumbing window and water supply color-coded pipes
    6. Limestone blocks, how groundwater recharges
    7. Pervious vs. impervious surfaces
    8. Vegetated filter strip
    9. Rain tube in the library & description of STEM principles
    10. Big thank you to all who made the school a success

The Full Story:

In early May 2021, the second grade GT class requested a tour of the One Water School, so WVWA staff explored many of the one water components and discussed the rationale behind their design.  We were completely blown away by their interest, curiosity, and engagement as we talked about everything from the green infrastructure to the water supplies.

The students were going to report back to the second grade classes and share the information with other students, so we asked WISD if they would be willing to video the students as a virtual tour.  Allen Bruggman, WISD Communications Director, filmed and edited the video and it turned out awesome!  The students researched and brainstormed what they thought was impressive about each element, staff helped by making cue cards (David Letterman style), and they nailed the explanations on the first take on film day.  They were very grateful for the thoughtful design that makes their school help protect community groundwater supplies… and they sent a special thank you to all those involved!

We’ve loaded the video on our One Water page, and hope it serves as motivation to develop more projects like this one across the Hill Country.  Innovative water solutions are indeed alive in the Hill Country—here’s a shining example.  But don’t take our word for it:  One Water Project Highlight:  Wimberley ISD’s Blue Hole Primary