Blue Hole Primary wins TWDB Rain Catcher Award

Graphic compiled by Ana Huff, Meadows Center.

The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association is so proud of the collective accomplishment that is Wimberley ISD’s One Water School – Blue Hole Primary.  The honor of the 2020 TWDB Rain Catcher Award will be shared by the many hands and minds that came together to make this reality—not just theory.

The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association has a long history of preserving and protecting water resources in Hays County and the greater Hill Country.  Locally, we see water resources that are stressed and over-subscribed because of growth and development.

When Wimberley ISD announced that it would build a new campus for its primary school, we realized it was the perfect opportunity to put the STEM principles of the One Water approach into practice.  After all, we go to great efforts to teach our kids science, technology, engineering, and math—why not build them a school that showcases those same principles and helps protect our community water supply?

The One Water School is a quadruple win scenario:

    1. The students and families win because their school incorporates STEM principles through innovative design elements and involves the students as part of the solution.
    2. The school district wins because of the lower recurring operating costs than that of a traditional campus.
    3. The community wins because of the low water demand on limited shared water supplies.
    4. Society wins because One Water theory has been put into practice where it can be measured, modified and improved… to better address water shortage challenges in projects to come.

We’re all in this together.  The Wimberley Valley Watershed Association is proud to partner with Wimberley ISD, the Meadows Center and all the contractors that have made Blue Hole Primary truly exceptional.

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