2021  ·  One Water, Wastewater

One Water in the Texas Hill Country: Connecting the Community with Projects and Professionals

Sarah B. Faust, Faust Law PLLC | Katherine Romans, Hill Country Alliance | Jennifer Walker, National Wildlife Federation

This guidebook is intended to connect Hill Country communities facing growth and increased demands for water with water professionals experienced with One Water strategies, planning, implementation, design and construction. We interviewed engineers, architects, planners and landscape designers to gain insight into the realities of One Water projects, and within these pages feature 14 selected professionals along with an example project each completed in Texas. Many of the selected projects were supported and/or implemented by the Watershed Association.

We can no longer afford to turn a blind eye toward threats to the long-term resilience of our water. There is a growing practice of integrated water management known as One Water that offers a way for us to grow as a region while protecting and respecting water resources at the same time. One Water strategies include 1) the use and reuse of water to expand water supplies; 2) the collection, treatment and management of water close to its source; and 3) the pursuit of all opportunities to minimize our overall water footprint.