2023  ·  Land Conservation, Stewardship, One Water, Wastewater, Water Quality

One Water Implementation: A Case Study of Blue Hole Primary School, Wimberley ISD, Hays County, Texas

Robin Gary, David Baker, Nick Dornak, and Ted Davison, Watershed Association Technical Report

Using innovative One Water concepts to minimize water use and optimize onsite reuse, Wimberley Independent School District’s newest campus—Blue Hole Primary—was designed and constructed with strong support from the Watershed Association, Texas State’s Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, and the community.  One Water is an intentionally integrated approach to water that promotes the management of all water—drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, greywater—as a single resource.   In an area where water supplies are limited and drought-prone, Blue Hole Primary serves the growing Hill Country communities of Wimberley and Woodcreek with one of the most water efficient and cost-effective approaches ever envisioned for a school campus in Texas.

This case study documents the need for innovative water solutions, bond and investment decisions, incorporated design elements, construction, and first year performance of Blue Hole Primary to serve as a reference, inspiration, and guidance for future projects.